Speaking with a purpose

Why do we make speeches? At speakers club it is often to practise a speaking skill, to get better public speaking or simply for enjoyment. But many of us make speeches to prepare for outside speaking assignments at work, to groups or at social occasions.

Bill Mitchell ran a seminar at the club meeting on Thursday 3rd March on Prescription Speaking, an approach which encourages us to make speeches with a broad purpose and a specified objective. The broad purpose is one of four – to inform, to persuade, to entertain or to pay tribute.

The specified objective is read out to the audience beforehand and after the speech they vote to say whether or not the speaker has achieved it.

Bill explained the concept with great lucidity and persuasiveness – he certainly achieved his broad purpose! We heard a demonstration Prescription Speech from John  Holian (he achieved his specified objective) and the event was attended by members from the Wharfedale, York and Bradford clubs as well as Wetherby.


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