Peter Wilson

I  initially joined Wetherby Speakers Club for business purposes. I found that in meetings I always thought I had the best ideas (don’t we all?) but I could not articulate them sufficiently well to get them accepted. I became aware that people who presented their ideas in the most effective manner succeeded almost irrespective of the quality of the ideas they put forward. I was determined to redress what I perceived to be an unfair situation by becoming a more effective speaker.  Also I was appointed to a position where I was required to carry out presentations to potential clients and staff training.  Without doubt, the techniques I learned at Wetherby Speakers Club, and the confidence I gained, enabled me to achieve things in my career which would have been impossible had I not joined. More than that, I also gave well received speeches at family and social events which I would not even dared to attempt previously. I would recommend a Speakers Club to anyone who, like me, feels that they have something to say, but either avoid speaking up at all, or want to say it better.

Niki Boersma

This interview appeared in “Wetherby Matters” magazine in 2013:

1)     Why did you join Wetherby Speakers Club?
I joined WSC as I became Vice President of Ladies Circle an international organisation for women 18-45, I knew I was going to have to make a great number of speeches and knew I needed help with my voice, as it was always shaky when I spoke in public this was in 2009.
2)     How did being a member help you when you were National President of Ladies Circle?
 I joined the club not knowing what to expect, I had a warm welcome and was transfixed by the professional way the club was run with the structure of the agenda. I was expecting to learn how to help me make a speech , but I learn so much more, the whole structure of WSC enables you to chair meetings, speak on your feet ,as well as organise and delver speeches
3)     Why did you stay in WSC after you had finished your Term of Office in LC?
I found that I wanted to learn more, WSC enabled me by the end of my term of office for Ladies Circle in May 2011, I was able to deliver the best public speech to 500 ladies.
 I found that I loved the structure of the club and from not wanting to deliver speeches I now actively take part in competitions in our club ,area and region , Those that know me can’t believe that I enter competitions and even win some ! 
4)     Has Wetherby Speakers Club helped you in any other area of your life?
WSC has given me confidence in myself, I am not scared to stand up and speak in public , I have learnt tools and techniques that will always stay with me ,so much so I have accepted the position of Vice President ADAM ( association of dental administrators & managers ) which is to talk to my peers and give lectures to the dental profession.
It has also helped me in my business, joining a networking club and giving me confidence to speak on my feet  
5)     What is the most important thing you have learned at Wetherby Speakers Club?
The most important thing I have learnt is we are all the same, there are very few natural speakers, and we all have to learn  & develop, what can assists us in public speaking ,whether it be for reading in church, for a wedding ,being chairman of the golf club, giving presentation to work or just to learn a new skill.
The one main point I learned personally for me, was the fact, only I know if I go wrong, as long as you smile and keep going the audience may not know J
6)     Why do you think being a member of WSC is better than going on a short course for Public Speaking?
Pracice ,practice,practice ,You get the opportunity to stand and speak every fortnight if you want to , and after all practice does make perfect. You have a team of advisors/members that give you positive feedback on how to enhance your skills and speeches each time you deliver a speech whether it’s for 60 seconds to 10 minutes
7)     If there was one thing you could change about WSC what would it be and why?
The one thing I would change would be to meet all through the year, as we do take a summer break, this does give us plenty of time to write new speeches, but I have to say every time I go to WSC , I come away with more knowledge we are all different there for we bring different topics & interests in to our  speeches  it’s  a  great night out come and join us and see for yourself .