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Wetherby News report 7 February 2013

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

The meeting was opened by the President, Niki Boersma who gave a concise resume of the Eastern District Contests and the Annual General Meeting. She congratulated Chris Clissitt and Neil Wilson, both of whom will take part in the finals at the Association of Speakers’ Clubs Annual Conference at Castle Donington in April. There was some discussion regarding certain contests rules.

 After a short business meeting, the Chairman for the evening, Peter Wilson called Jan Millar to the lectern to give her speech which was a B2 Assignment – ‘Mean What You Say’. Jan is a very experienced and animated speaker and was ably evaluated by Chris Clissitt.

 Peter Wilson then introduced the debate ‘The damage done to public confidence in the police by recent revelations is irreversible’. With very little time for preparation Niki Boersma was invited to propose the motion and Howard Herbert to oppose. The motion was then open to the floor and a number of speakers took part before a vote was taken and Peter Ryans gave his evaluation.

 Mavis Cryer chaired the Topics Session and she invited members to speak for three minutes on issues that caused stress. Examples were Moving House, Taking a Driving Test and Visiting the Dentist. A thorough evaluation of the Topics Session was given by Peter Ryans.

 Jocelyn Brooks presented a general evaluation of the conduct of the whole meeting which was then closed by President Niki Boersma

Wetherby News report – Eastern Area Competitions

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

The Eastern District Speaking Competition took place at the Bridge Inn Hotel, Walshford on Sunday 17th February 2013 commencing at 1.30pm. The Chair for the afternoon was Barbara Cresswell of the White Rose Ladies Speakers’ Club and the chief judge was Clive Dawson from the Vale of York Area (York RI Club) ably supported by Joe James from the North-East Area (Tyneside Club) and Chris Birch from the Yorkshire Dales Area (Wharfedale Club).

 There was an excellent attendance and the standard was very high in all three contests. After a long deliberation, Clive Dawson announced that the winners were as follows:

Speech Competition                        Chris Clissitt              Wetherby Club

Runner-up:                                         Martin Bishop            Bradford Club

Evaluation Competition (Sheila and Trevor Wyatt Trophy):     Sylvia Walker Craven Club  

Runner-up:                                         Neil Wilson                 Wetherby Club

Topics Competition                          Veronica Baldwin      Huddersfield and Halifax Club

Runner-up                                          Niki Boersma                        Wetherby Club

The winners were congratulated and Clive Dawson gave a very effective and helpful evaluation of the performance of the candidates in each contest.

Chris, Sylvia and Veronica will now represent the Eastern District at the Association of Speakers’ Clubs National Conference 2013 at the Thistle Hotel, East Midlands Airport, Castle Donnington from Friday 26th April until Sunday 28th April. Wetherby Club wishes all the Eastern District contestants the very best in the competition, in particular our own Wetherby Club Webmaster, Chris Clissitt.

More success at District

Monday, February 18th, 2013
Chris Clissitt won the District Speech Contest on Sunday with his speech “Strivers” and now goes through to the National Speech Contest at Castle Donington on 27th April.


Niki Boersma was runner up in the Topics Contest to Veronica Baldwin of Halifax & Huddersfield SC, and Neil Wilson also took silver in the Evaluation Contest. The winner was Sylvia Walker of Craven SC. We understand that a holiday commitment may prevent her appearance at Castle Donington in April, so Neil is in line to take her place. Having supplied all three Vale of York contestants at District for the first time, Wetherby may now have two National finalists in the same year!

Unfortunately Neil was unavailable for the photoshoot….

Chris with the District Speech trophy

Niki with the District Topics Runner Up trophy