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Face to face at last….followed by the National Conference

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Thursday 16th September saw the return of Wetherby Speakers Club to Linton Memorial Hall for our first face to face meeting since February 2020 and what a welcome relief it was! Zoom was invaluable through the Covid interregnum, keeping us in touch and in practice, but nothing beats speaking to a live audience. Being able to see the audience reaction, the immediacy of the feedback, the “feel” of  the venue, the shared humour, the tangible bonhomie…..much missed over the last 19 months, and so good to be back!

We were treated to two excellent speeches, all the better for the “live” setting. Niki Boersma spoke on “Camping or Caribbean” and Lisa Duffield delivered “The Circus.”

Two days later on Saturday 18th September the National Conference took place at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, the first attended conference since April 2019. A report on the event can be found here on the main ASC website.

Chris Clissitt acted as a judge in both the Speech and Topics contests and took part in the Evaluation contest, finishing in 3rd place. Anne Todd of Halifax & Huddersfield SC did our region proud with a fascinating and entertaining speech entitled “Long Live Language” which secured 2nd pace and some deserved silverware.