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Evaluation and Topics contests

Saturday, January 18th, 2020

John Holian retained the club topics crown on Thursday 16th January with Chris Clissitt runner up. Unfortunately John is barred from further progress in the topics contests as he came third in the national final last year, but this gives a great opportunity to Lisa Duffield who came a highly commendable third to enter the Vale of York Area Contests on 2nd February.

As last year, the decision was made by judges rather than audience vote. Philip Solity and Catriona Webb obliged as adjudicators.

Jeff Denton gave the target speech for the Evaluation contest, a discourse on Superman  entitled “Man of Steel”. In a repeat of last year’s result, Chris Clissitt was the winner with John Holian runner up.

The Vale of York Area contests take place at York RI Bowls Club on Sunday 2nd February 2020. Howard Herbert is unable to attend and John Holian will take his place. Here is the club line up for the area contests:

Speech:          Neil Wilson & John Holian

Evaluation:     Chris Clissitt & John Holian

Topics:           Chris Clissitt & Lisa Duffield