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ASC (spoof) Sponsorship Dinner – After Dinner Speech Contest

Saturday, March 31st, 2012
This traditional light hearted contest took place at The Bridge Inn, Walshford on Friday 23rd March with yet another spoof scenario. Imagine that following BBC2’s “The Speaker” three years ago public speaking became as big as cooking, choirs and home renovation. Speaking organisations thrived, and now large businesses are competing to sponsor the ASC and their great value product. At this dinner they set out the reasons why they should be chosen.

Jan Millar receives the trophy from Lindsay Dutch

After six entertaining speeches, Jan Millar was declared the winner for her highly amusing take on the part of Jacqueline Goldmine, Chief Executive of a lingerie and sex accessory chain.

The other speakers were Michael O’Dearie (Peter Wilson), Jim Trytrytryson (Howard Herbert), Richard Iamthebrandson (Neil Wilson), Mark Sugarmountain (Chris Clissitt) and Alan Zucker (John Holian). The MC was Miss Feasance (Niki Boersma) and the judge was Lindsay Dutch, Eastern District President.

Wetherby News club meeting report 15 March 2012

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Wetherby Speakers’ Club was delighted to welcome visitors from the York RI Speakers’ Club to the meeting last Thursday.  The President, Howard Herbert opened the meeting and introduced the Chairman for the evening, John Holian.

 Chris Clissitt was the first speaker who spoke without notes on the subject of Cold in which he described the effects of temperature and explained his preference for fresh, cold air! This was followed by an impromptu speech from Neil Wilson who had chosen from a list of three topics The Special Relationship.  He was given ten minutes to prepare the speech and eight minutes in which to deliver his thoughts on the affiliation between the UK and the USA.

Peter Wilson then demonstrated his audience rapport skills in a talk entitled Bystander in which he explored people’s reactions to helping someone in difficulty in public places.

 These very interesting speeches were evaluated by Howard Herbert, Scott Stephenson and Tim Hunter respectively.

 Two members from the York RI Club took part. Clive Dawson chaired a very good Topics session in which members were asked to speak individually on a variety of occupations under the heading A Day in the Life of …. and Richard Hampton finally gave a clear, concise and informative general evaluation of the whole meeting

Wetherby News club meeting report 1 March 2012

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Education Director John Holian opened the meeting on 1st March which was chaired by Mavis Cryer, who warmly welcomed visitors from Bradford Speakers Club. First time visitor Sharon Hanson-Cooper was also introduced to the meeting. Terry Ryan gave the first speech which was a practice for an After Dinner Speech he will shortly give to the Fuji Corporation in Birmingham. Terry’s timing was exemplary as he delivered a hilarious speech which is guaranteed to go down well. The second speaker was Denise Adlard from Bradford Speakers Club whose speech about the problems of being a vegetarian was delivered with both skill and humour. The purpose of Denise’s speech was to practice the art of Speech Construction. Chris Clissitt and Nikki Boersma assisted the speakers by offering constructive advice on how to improve the speeches.

 Jeff Denton then chaired a topics session where members were required to speak for three minutes without preparation on a variety of holiday destinations. John Holian evaluated the topics session.  Nikki Boersma and Philip Solity shared the duties of General Evaluator, summing up the meeting as a whole.

Another double…this time at District

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Chris Clissitt followed up his double at Area with a repeat performance at the Eastern District contests on the 19th February when he won both the topics and evaluation contests. He will now represent the District (and Club and Area) at the National finals in Cardiff on 27th and 29thApril.

There was a new prize for the  District Evaluation contest – the Trevor and Sheila Wyatt trophy.  Trevor was a member of Wetherby Speakers Club for many years and twice past president.

Chris receieves the Trevor & Sheila Wyatt Trophy from Peter Wyatt

Chris receives the Trevor & Sheila Wyatt Trophy from Peter Wyatt

 He helped to found the club in 1978 when he was a member at Leeds. Sheila was also a good friend to the Club having been a frequent visitor to meetings and dinners and acting as a judge for our club contests on many occasions.  Sadly Trevor died in 2010 and Sheila in January this year.

Chris was delighted to be the first winner of the trophy created in their memory and especially pleased that on its first outing it should go to Wetherby Speakers Club. It was presented by their son, Peter Wyatt.

Denise Adlard of Bradford SC was runner up in both contests. Helen Tait of York RI SC won the speech contest and will compete at Cardiff on 28th April.

You can also read the report submitted to the Wetherby News under “articles”.