Tyke TV reality franchise dinner

Recently launched Tyke TV has its roots firmly in Yorkshire but wants to attract a wider audience by purchasing an already well known reality TV franchise. At a special dinner at Tyke’s Wetherby headquarters, reality TV presenters state the case for their programme to be the centrepiece of Tyke TV.

This was the scenario for Wetherby SC’s annual after dinner speech contest, all in a light hearted vein of course! The dinner took place at The Bridge Inn, Walshford on Friday 28th March and the winner was Chris Clissitt who last won 5 years ago. Chris took the part of Phil Spawny representing “Location, location, location – as long as it’s in Yorkshire”.

The other speakers were Simon Scowell (John Holian) “The Y factor”, Cloudier Ripvanwinklewoman (Jocelyn Brooks) “Strictly Come Clogging”, Alan Zucker (Peter Wilson) “T’Rookie” , and Druncan Baritone (Neil Wilson) “Braggarts’ Barn” .

The MC was Davina McChuff (Niki Boersma), the judge was our National President Lindsay Dutch and the trophy was presented by Sean Harrison who donated the trophy back in 1990. The club was delighted to welcome Sean to the dinner.

Chris Clissitt receives the Sean Harrison trophy from Sean Harrison. National President Lindsay Dutch is on the right.


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