National President’s Dinner, York

The ASC may no longer hold a Speaker of the Year dinner, but Lindsay Dutch more than filled the gap with a National Presdent’s dinner which boasted not one but seven speakers! And there’s more….with Yorkshire double act Terry Harrison and Chris Birch perfoming “Eee Ba Gum” and Lindsay himself , we had ten speakers, all delivering short entertaining pieces. 

Wetherby were very well represented at the dinner, with enough members present to hold a decent Speakers Club meeting! Niki Boersma was on duty as official photographer and Chris Clissitt was the final speaker of the night. He said “It was a little disconcerting to know that I would be following so many accomplished speakers, and that was certainly on my mind during preparation. But the audience were marvellous, probably the most responsive and encouraging audience I have ever faced, and delivering the speech really was a great pleasure.” 

The other speakers came from far and wide, and have held quite a number of speaking trophies between them! They were Joe James, Katherine Inglis, William Warren, Diana Douglas, Michael Ronayne and Susan Allan. 

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