Bill Mitchell

We were saddened to learn of the death of Bill Mitchell on the 23rd January at the age of 87.

Bill at a Wetherby SC dinner

He was a talented speaker and contributed a great deal to the ASC over many years. He was a great supporter of our club too, attending our dinners, judging our competitions, delivering educational sessions and taking part in many an inter club visit.

Bill was a founder member of Wharfedale SC in 1979, helped to establish York RI SC and served as National President 1987-88. He was the instigator of ‘speaking to a declared purpose’, originally known as prescription speaking, but which now comes under the heading ‘Applied Speaking’ and can be found in the Speakers Guide. He spent his final years devoted to his wife, Margaret, following her stroke.

Joe James, past national president, wrote: “My  memories of Bill are that at first meeting he seemed rather severe and forbidding, but as one got to know him his wonderful dry sense of humour became an absolute delight. What at first appeared to be severity gradually revealed itself to be truly a meticulous sense of what was right and appropriate, and a manifestation of the highest standards of speaking and organisation which he set for himself and encouraged others to set for themselves. When you knew Bill was in the audience, you would not dare to deliver anything less than your best performance.”

And this from Denise Adlard: “His stern rather formal demeanour disguised a generosity of spirit, a willingness to help,  guide and support and most of all a wicked dry sense of humour.”

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