ASC “Product Placement” Dinner – After Dinner Speech Contest

Wetherby’s traditional light hearted after dinner speech contest took place at The Bridge Inn, Walshford on Friday 22nd March.  This time the charade was the ASC “Product Placement” Dinner. Imagine that the ASC has descided to use its vast marketing budget to invest in product placement – not in a film or a TV series, but in a novel, presumably to reflect its erudite target market.  

Five world famous novelists staked their claim to be the writer chosen to feature the ASC in their next book. The winner, for the second time in three years was our president, Niki Boersma, for her portrayal of J K Scowling.

The other speakers were George Snorewell (Neil Wilson), Salmon Cushtie(Chris Clissitt) Agatha Cushtie (Mavis Cryer) and Chas “Boz” Thickens (Howard Herbert). The MC was Hilarity Mantelpiece (Jan Millar) and the judge was Chris Birch.


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