Certificates of Achievement

Members are encouraged to work through the ten assignments in The Speakers Guide. These are evaluated by other club members, and on completion to the satisfaction of the Club Education Director, the member is awarded the Certificate of Achievement.

An Interim Certificate of Achievement is awarded for the successful completion of the first five assignments.

Advanced Certificate of Achievement

Members can attain the Advanced Certificate of Achievement by completing four mandatory assignments and one voluntary assignment from the list below to a high standard.

Mandatory assignments:

  • The impromptu speech
  • The outside assignment
  • Use of microphone
  • Use of visual aids

Voluntary assignments

  • Chairmanship skills
  • Lecturing
  • Business presentations
  • The written speech
  • Speaking without notes

External accreditation

Certificate of Effective Communication in Public Speaking from Trinity College, London

Many members of ASC have long felt that they would like to be able to gain a Certificate of Achievement which has an accredited value in the world beyond Speakers Clubs. Discussions with the Chief Examiner from Trinity College led to a syllabus being agreed and accepted as appropriate for the award of a Certificate of Effective Communication in Public Speaking.

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