The Greatest Ever Briton – After Dinner Speech Contest

Who put the “Great” into Great Britain? This was the scenario for the annual After Dinner Speech Contest held at the Bridge

Queen Buddy Carr (Jocelyn Brooks) receives the trophy and the flag of honour from judge Denise Adlard

Queen Buddy Carr (Jocelyn Brooks) receives the trophy and the winner’s cape from judge Denise Adlard

Inn, Walshford, on Friday 8th April.  Speakers adopted thinly disguised characters and delivered light hearted speeches as they stated their claim to be crowned “The Greatest Ever Briton”.

Last year’s After Dinner Speech Contest winner, Doctor Hu, made his Tardis available to enable any historical British character to come and make their case.

Congratulations to the winner, Jocelyn Brooks as Queen Buddy Carr of the Iceni, who gave a very entertaining account of her victorious campaign against the occupying Romans and secured for perpetuity the right of the British to drive on the left.

The other speakers were Sir Isaac Newtown (Howard Herbert), Isambard Queendom Brundel (Jeff Denton), Florence Morning-Gale (Rachel Kato), Charles Darewing (Donald Fraser) and Sir Alexander Flaming (Chris Clissitt).

The MC was Doctor Hu (Peter Wilson) and the judge was Denise Adlard.

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