New Olympic Events at After Dinner Speech Contest

Jocelyn Brooks (Empty Condo) with the after dinner speech trophy

Jocelyn Brooks (Empty Condo) with the after dinner speech trophy

Following the news that break dancing was to feature in the 2024 Olympic games, champions of other skilful and physically demanding activities made their pitch for future inclusion.

This was the scenario for the annual After Dinner Speech Contest held at the Bridge Inn, Walshford, on Friday 12th April.  Speakers adopted thinly disguised characters and delivered light hearted speeches as they tried to persuade us that their activity was worthy of Olympic status.

Congratulations to the winner, Jocelyn Brooks, as Empty Condo, who convinced the judge that tidying and decluttering should be added to the Olympic roster (with a little help from Great Aunt Maud!)

The other speakers were Craig Level-Hardwood (Neil Wilson) for ballroom dancing, Alan Ditchmarks (Peter Wilson) for gardening, Bare Thrills (Howard Herbert) for survival skills, Eric Briskthrow (John Holian) for darts and Paul Wallyhood (Chris Clissitt) for baking.

The MC was Arcy Hustle (Niki Boersma, winner last year) and the judge was Philip Solity.


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