Wetherby News club meeting report 2 February 2012

The meeting was structured differently on this occasion and after the President, Howard Herbert had opened the meeting he handed over to the Chairman for the evening, John Holian who, in his role as Education Director for the club, had devised a new and interesting format.

John divided the members into two teams. Working as a group, each team had to prepare two speeches which were delivered alternatively by two volunteers from each team.  The first speech from Team A was given by Chris Clissitt on the subject ‘Money Talks’. The second speech was by Howard Herbert of Team B who spoke about ‘Home is where the Heart is’. Ann Wickert then represented Team A with ‘Reality TV’ and the first session ended with Scott Stephenson’s speech ‘1970s – The Golden Age’ for Team B.

After the break Neil Wilson and Jocelyn Brooks from Team A evaluated the speeches of Howard Herbert and Scott Stephenson respectively whilst Mavis Cryer and her colleague, Jan Millar, from Team B evaluated Chris Clissitt and Ann Wickert.

This novel and challenging departure from the usual format was enjoyed by everyone and the evening ended with a new member, Michael Cardis introducing himself to the group before John Holian handed the chair back to Howard Herbert who closed the meeting.

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