Wetherby News club meeting report 15 March 2012

Wetherby Speakers’ Club was delighted to welcome visitors from the York RI Speakers’ Club to the meeting last Thursday.  The President, Howard Herbert opened the meeting and introduced the Chairman for the evening, John Holian.

 Chris Clissitt was the first speaker who spoke without notes on the subject of Cold in which he described the effects of temperature and explained his preference for fresh, cold air! This was followed by an impromptu speech from Neil Wilson who had chosen from a list of three topics The Special Relationship.  He was given ten minutes to prepare the speech and eight minutes in which to deliver his thoughts on the affiliation between the UK and the USA.

Peter Wilson then demonstrated his audience rapport skills in a talk entitled Bystander in which he explored people’s reactions to helping someone in difficulty in public places.

 These very interesting speeches were evaluated by Howard Herbert, Scott Stephenson and Tim Hunter respectively.

 Two members from the York RI Club took part. Clive Dawson chaired a very good Topics session in which members were asked to speak individually on a variety of occupations under the heading A Day in the Life of …. and Richard Hampton finally gave a clear, concise and informative general evaluation of the whole meeting

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