Wetherby News club meeting report 1 March 2012

Education Director John Holian opened the meeting on 1st March which was chaired by Mavis Cryer, who warmly welcomed visitors from Bradford Speakers Club. First time visitor Sharon Hanson-Cooper was also introduced to the meeting. Terry Ryan gave the first speech which was a practice for an After Dinner Speech he will shortly give to the Fuji Corporation in Birmingham. Terry’s timing was exemplary as he delivered a hilarious speech which is guaranteed to go down well. The second speaker was Denise Adlard from Bradford Speakers Club whose speech about the problems of being a vegetarian was delivered with both skill and humour. The purpose of Denise’s speech was to practice the art of Speech Construction. Chris Clissitt and Nikki Boersma assisted the speakers by offering constructive advice on how to improve the speeches.

 Jeff Denton then chaired a topics session where members were required to speak for three minutes without preparation on a variety of holiday destinations. John Holian evaluated the topics session.  Nikki Boersma and Philip Solity shared the duties of General Evaluator, summing up the meeting as a whole.

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