Wetherby News club meeting report 1 December 2011

President Howard Herbert opened the latest meeting of Wetherby Speakers Club which was chaired by Peter Wilson. The first part of the meeting was taken up by the Club’s Annual Topics Contest. Members were asked to speak for three minutes on a variety of topics based on modern phrases in current use, without any preparation time. The topics included “Silver Surfers” and “Spin Doctor”. All those taking part spoke to a very high standard. The winner was John Holian and the runner up was Chris Clissitt. Both will represent the club at the Area Topics Contest to be held in York in January.

John Holian then presented an unusual session based on the TV Programme, Dragon’s Den. Speakers were given ideas for various business ideas and were given a few minutes to prepare their presentations to the “Dragons” asking for funding for the idea. This led to some humorous presentations on ideas such as “An Exercise Machine Based on Dog Walking”. The session was evaluated by Caroline Boom. Neil Wilson then gave valuable advice on how to improve the member’s speaking abilities while explaining his views on the evening as a whole.

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