Club Report – Wetherby Speakers Club visit to York RI Speakers Club on 23.01.2014

On Thursday 23rd January Wetherby members travelled to York for a joint meeting with York RI and Bradford Speakers Clubs. The meeting was held at York RI Bowls Club, the York club’s new venue. The Bowls Club is more welcoming and spacious than the old room at the Railway Institute, and feels more conducive to public speaking. Must be the walls hung with trophies and pennants or possibly the bar at the back of the room!

 All visitors were welcomed by the York President, Ramana Sundara, and the meeting was chaired by Gerald Haughton. Wetherby members undertook several assignments. Neil Wilson delivered his speech “Face to Face”, Howard Herbert evaluated Rosalie Harrop’s speech “No Place Like Home” and Niki Boersma stepped in as a late substitute to evaluate Bruce Swindells’ speech “Why Should I Change?” and did it so well that she won the trophy for the best evaluation of the evening. Chris Clissitt delivered the general evaluation of the meeting overall.

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