Club Report – Wetherby Speakers Club 21.03.13 and After Dinner Speaking Contest 22.03.2013

Last week was a very busy week for the Wetherby Speakers’ Club. On Thursday there was the usual club meeting followed the next day by the After Dinner Speaking Contest.

 At the club meeting, the President, Niki Boersma called Jocelyn Brooks to the lectern who was to act as chairman for the evening. There were three speakers, Niki Boersma, Jeff Denton and Peter Ryans. All the speeches were interesting and delivered with confidence and fluency and were evaluated by Neil Wilson, Howard Herbert and Chris Clissitt respectively.

 Jan Miller chaired the Topics Session which was innovative and highly amusing. The theme was ‘The Wetherby Awards Ceremonies’ and club members had to make an acceptance speech for their own specific award. An evaluation of the Topics Session was given by Mavis Cryer and Peter Wilson presented a general evaluation of the whole meeting.

 On Friday, a meal was held at the Bridge Inn, Walshford following which there was the After Dinner Speaking Competition. This was a light-hearted evening as five members of the club had to pretend to be well-known novelists staking their claim to be the writer chosen to feature the Association of Speakers’ Clubs in their next book. The MC was Jan Millar, the judge was Chris Birch and the winner of the cup was Niki Boersma. Chris Clissitt was thanked for organising the contest and Mavis Cryer for arranging the meal.

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