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Club Evaluation Contest and line up for Area

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Congratulations to Howard Herbert, who won the Club Evaluation contest last Thursday 5th January. The runner up was Peter Nellist, but unfortunately he is not available on Sunday 15th so he will be unable to represent the club at the Area contest. John Holian will stand in for him.

Here is the full line up for Wetherby at the Area contests:

Speech:          Neil Wilson & Jocelyn Brooks

Evaluation:     Howard Herbert & John Holian

Topics:           John Holian & Chris Clissitt

Wetherby News club meeting report 5 January 2012

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

President Howard Herbert opened the first meeting of 2012 which was chaired by Jeff Denton. The Club’s Evaluation Contest formed the main part of the meeting. Contestants were required to demonstrate their ability to give comprehensive and constructive advice to enable a speaker to improve his or her performance. All contestants evaluated the same speech which was given by John Holian and entitled “Mind Your Business”. In this speech John gave his views on what is good and bad about modern business methods. Judges Mavis Cryer and Peter Wilson announced Howard Herbert as the winner and Peter Nellist as runner up. Both will go forward to the Area Contests in York on 15th January.

John Holian then chaired an unusual topics session where members were required to undertake two tasks simultaneously. They were asked to speak for two minutes on a variety of topics based on topical phrases without any preparation time, and were also given a specific related task such as to focus on the use of gestures or humour etc. Jeff Denton evaluated the topics session.