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Wetherby News club meeting report 14 April 2011

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Vice President Terry Ryan opened an interesting meeting and welcomed four visiting  members of Wharfedale Speakers Club and two members of York Railway Institute Speakers Club. The meeting  was chaired by Jocelyn Brooks. Terry himself prepared for the imminent National Speech Contest Finals in Edinburgh by delivering his speech entitled “7 Billion Day” about the forthcoming milestone when the world population will reach 7 Billion. Also preparing for the National Finals was Lindsay Dutch from York Railway Institute Speakers.  Lindsay was preparing for the National Evaluation Final and evaluated Terry’s speech, offering valuable advice on how Terry might claim the winner’s trophy for a second time.

Other Speakers were John Holian with a speech entitled “How to Be Rich” which focussed on how to lead a rich and fulfilling life without financial wealth, and Peter Wilson who was given only 10 minutes to prepare an eight minute speech chosen from three titles.  Peter’s topical speech was entitled “Phone Hacking”.  Sandra Barton from Wharfedale Club  and Scott Stephenson evaluated John and Peter’s speeches.

John Holian was soon in action again  presenting the Topics Session setting speakers the challenge of speaking off the cuff for two minutes each about a variety of subjects based on phrases he had come across during the day. Nikki Boersma evaluated the topics session. Finally Howard Herbert as General Evaluator gave his helpful observations on the meeting as a whole.