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Wetherby News club meeting report 31 March 2011

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

The President of Wetherby Speakers Club, Neil Wilson, opened a lively and entertaining meeting which was chaired by Peter Wilson. Marian Kempson gave an interesting speech about the environment entitled “What Does Being Green Really Mean?”  The focus of the speech was to display good Speech Construction and the evaluator, Chris Clissitt agreed that Marian had succeeded in her task. Neil Wilson then tackled an impromptu speech where the speaker was given a choice of three titles and only 10 minutes to prepare an 8 minute speech. Neil’s chosen title was “Healthy Mind, Healthy body”. His speech was evaluated by Howard Herbert who congratulated Neil for his performance and gave constructive advice on how to improve.

Jocelyn Brooks presented the Topics Session and set speakers the challenge of speaking off the cuff for two minutes each about a variety of subjects based on overheard snatches of conversation. Jan Millar evaluated the topics session. Finally Mavis Cryer as General Evaluator gave her helpful observations on the meeting as a whole.